Inscriptions are done by appointment. We will take the time we need to welcome you and show you and your child around and give you all the information you need.

You can phone or send an email:



07 83 15 30 56 


Monthly fee for the  Playschool: 

           Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings (following the                          french school calendar):               


                           4 mornings:  330 euros/ month

                           3 mornings:  255 euros/ month

                           2 mornings:  170 euros/ month



Holidays:             25 euros a day



Inscription fees:  60 euros per year



The inscriptions for the Playschool are on a school year basis. The fees are paid monthly following the french school calendar.


We are here !

Rainbow English PlaySchool
Ccial du Perget

4 Avenue André Marie Ampère
31770 colomiers


Telephone : 07 83 15 30 56


Opening times

The PlaySchool

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings (during the school term)

8:45 to 11:45



Holiday Club


In the french school holidays:

-Toussaint, winter, Spring, and Summer

Contact us for more details