Opinions de nos clients

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelque-uns des témoignages des clients qui nous ont fait confiance:


"Just a shout out for those that may be interested in finding a creche for their little ones. Rainbows playgroup in Colomiers is brilliant! Cynthia, who runs it, is amazing and my toddler happily stays with her and formed a lovely attachment with her last year. This woman is seriously a toddler whisperer, they all love her!"  Eva P.


"My daughter still talks about her Cynthia at least once a week. She was so happy there!! And still can't believe Cynthia came to her birthday party. Toddler whisperer indeed!"  Kate R. 


"My little girl went to Rainbow last year and loved everything about it too! So many fun and creative activities in a lovely environment."  Sharon F.


"My son still goes and LOVES it Cynthia is wonderful, creative, and just wonderful with the children! I've NEVER seen her look flustered or without a smile on her face. Highly recommend"  Tracy C.


"Another massive vote for Rainbow and Cynthia here. My daughter loved it too and would cry when it was the holidays! Cynthia truly goes the extra mile to provide a warm fun and loving environment."  Sabinah B.



We are here !

Rainbow English PlaySchool
Ccial du Perget

4 Avenue André Marie Ampère
31770 colomiers


Telephone : 07 83 15 30 56 




Opening times

The PlaySchool

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings (during the school term)

8:45 to 11:45



Holiday Club


In the french school holidays:

-Toussaint, winter, Spring, and Summer

Contact us for more details